Schleicher County ISD's 2012 celebration was once again a hit with students, parents, and faculty members. Just listen to the wise words of these students...

...and the wise words the faculty use to educate, lead, and inspire the students.

Ode to the EHS Teachers
Students at EHS know quite a bit
Thanks to teachers who are most legit.
We teach you every day, in some small way
Through things we do or things we say.

We help you remember with simple little tricks,
We never give up; we try to make it stick.
Like “Consider your audience, even in a still life you compose”
Or “Words reveling in contradiction” to expose.

Little sayings, like “Substitution’s my favorite word”
Or “What goes on top…goes on bottom” you’ve heard.
“Chlorophyll…? More like BOREaphyll!” is a third.
“I amps wearing the current fashion” you know, the absurd
Or to “Think outside the box” is preferred.

We give you support, little systems to use.
“The calculator is your friend. Does that confuse?”
Or “Draw a dang picture”
“Whatever helps you remember.”

A lifetime of reminders you’ve been told
“Where are my green papers!” we must tell you fourfold.
“Please bring back a note” or “don’t be tardy” get old,
But it’s you young adults we’re trying to mold.

Those you’ve probably heard repeatedly
Like “Annotate & read more closely.”
Or “Don’t understand a word? Use a dictionary.”
And the constant plea, ”Chop, chop! Let’s get busy!”

But most important that we try to instill
Are a whole bunch of those old life skills:
“Do what you know’s right; then you can't be wrong.”
“Use your head, don’t be a sheep!” Stay strong.

And “Stealing a pen’s the same as stealing $100 grand.”
“It's not where you've been but where you end up” – have a plan.
“All those dishes better be washed to leave this classroom” you’re warned!
“It doesn’t matter how you vote, as long as you’re vote’s informed.”

“Privacy, confidentiality, empathy, and compassion are a ‘must’”
We just want you to be responsible adults others don’t distrust.
And there always has to be a dose of funny…
“Does your face hurt? ‘Cause it sure is killing me!”
Do you get it by now? We just care, completely.

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