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Collaboration: Using Your Resources

July 21, 2014

  1. work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

Resources from the Conference

Book Study Books

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Notice&Note.jpgBecause Writing Matters.JPGDifferentiation.jpgTeach-Like-Your-Hairs-On-Fire.jpegRigorous Reading.JPGwrite-like-this.jpgLesson Plans for Developing Digital Literacies.jpgReading Reminders.jpgMaking the Match.jpgI-Read-It-But-I-Don-t-Get-It.jpgLiteracy Instruction.jpgReadicide.jpgrtimiddlehighschool.jpgDifferentiation in Practice.jpgClassroom Instruction that Works.pngWhats the Big Idea.jpgReading-Reasons.jpgFun Size Academic Writing.jpgEngaging Readers & Writers.jpgadolescent literacy.jpgreading ladders.jpgLiteracy Instruction for ELL.jpgso-what-do-they-really-know.jpgSimplifying-Response-to-Intervention.jpgreading-zone.jpgreading don't fix no chevys.jpgdeeper-reading.jpg


Judy Lucas

Dottie De Leon
Pecha Kucha Research "Papers

Sharlynda Dehnel
The Things They Carried

Renie Holik
PQR - Navigating Through STAAR Passages

Tedra Ulmer
Building Vocabulary Through Games


  • "Remind" for parent communication
  • Reverso Poetry & how to use it
  • I CAN DO IT!
  • 66% of real world employers interested in collaboration
  • organic learning
  • collaborative culture
  • Collaboration is key!
  • Uncoference format
  • Lots of new technology and being shown how to use it, not just "here is a site you can use"
  • Great ideas for The Things They Carried
  • Professional book ideas


  • Nerdy games are AWESOME!
  • Collaboration is VERY important!
  • We are moving in the right direction as teachers...seeing other teachers' similar successes and challenges is NICE!
  • The NOVEL IS NOT DEAD in the classroom!
  • CVTE's Annual Summer Conference is STILL the best workshop of the summer!
  • Pecha Kucha
  • Articles of the Week
  • I CAN DO IT!


  • Technology Threads
  • Technology that can be used in districts that block EVERYTHING
  • Ways to encourage administrators/technology directors to allow certain sites even just for teachers' use
  • STAAR - anything and everything
  • Vocabulary apps and games
  • Using YouTube and movie trailers
  • Symbaloo

Unconference Resources