Concho Valley Teachers of English

Summer Conference
July 22, 2013

Shifting Responsibility: Effective Instruction to Create Independent Learner

Conference Resources

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Centering Our Classrooms:

Creating Spaces for Student and Teacher

Innovation and Collaboration

Katie Greene

Big Book Project

Fahrenheit 451


Research Paper

Romeo & Juliet


The Odyssey

Trimming the Fat: Slimming Down Those Wordy Essays

Ashlee Weishuhn

Content Literacy: Four Factors in Building an Effective Instructional Framework

An NCTE Webinar featuring Douglas Fisher

Not Our Teachers' Notebooks: Empowering Students with Work-in-Progress Notebooks

Glenna Edgin

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Other Resource:

Webinar featuring Art Costa and Bena Kallick

Launching Self-Directed Learners (August 16, 2011)


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